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If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime in Lubbock, give Chris a call.

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When nobody else is willing to fight for you, Chris will.

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Criminal Defense

Due to the diligent work performed for his clients, Chris has earned the reputation with his peers as one of Lubbock’s “Up and Coming” Defense Attorneys.  He is frequently called upon to assist fellow defense attorneys as they prepare for and try difficult criminal cases.  This heart driven dedication was recognized early on in his career as he was nominated for the Lubbock Area Bar Association’s “Outstanding Young Lawyer Award” his very first year of practicing law.


Regarded as more serious that a misdemeanor and punishable by imprisonment ranging from 180 days to 99 years, life, or even death.


Less serious than a felony, but still punishable by a fine and incarceration in a county jail for up to 1 year.

Assault Charges

Assault charges can be either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the severity of the harm done.  A conviction for an assault can lead future employers to believe you are a violent person, and some assaults can prevent you from exercising your 2nd Amendment rights.


A DWI charge comes along with multiple other issues, not just those in the criminal world, including possibly having your driving privileges suspended.

Theft Crimes

Theft crimes are considered a crime of moral turpitude.  These crimes can come back and bight you in future.  Furthermore, future theft crimes could be enhanced based on a prior conviction of theft.

Sex Crimes

Texas has some of the nation’s most punitive sex crime laws with mandatory minimums, severe monitoring for released offenders, and expanded child safety zones to restrict an offender’s movements.

Violent Charges

Violent crimes such as murder, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated robbery, and aggravated kidnapping, known as 3(g) offenses are a serious matters.  Proper representation is a must when accused of such a crime.

Drug Charges

A conviction for a drug charge can have serious consequences to your liberties beyond just jail time and/or a fine.  If convicted for a drug crime, you could loose your driver’s license, your ability to qualify for federal financial aid, and even your 2nd amendment rights.

Case Evaluation

Call us at 806-412-5133 or fill out the form below to receive a confidential initial consultation.

Simple Reasons

Why Hire Chris?

You need a lawyer who will fight for you, your rights and your freedom.  You need a lawyer who will examine all the evidence in your case.  You need a lawyer who can be aggressive or subtle, depending on the circumstances of your case.  You need a lawyer who understands the uniqueness of your case.  You’re not just another case in the filing cabinet to Chris.  You’re a human being who deserves the best defense possible.

``The leading rule for the lawyer, is diligence`` -- Abraham Lincoln

Counselor at Law

One of the hardest parts of being a criminal defense lawyer is looking a client in the eye and telling them their case is unwinnable.  That they are going to have to do some time in jail.  When Chris has had the displeasure of giving this bad news to a client, most have thanked him for fighting for them.  Even the guys who don’t get their cases dismissed, or reduced, respect Chris for the work he has done for them.  Some of those former clients have gone on to send friends, family, and even cell mates to his door step, seeking help on their criminal cases.


Chris Wanner

I’ve always rooted for the underdog.  When a person comes to me for defense, with the full weight and force of the government against him, he is the underdog.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve protected the weak from the strong.  Looking back, I can clearly see why I was drawn to be a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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Client Testimonials

“One of the BEST lawyers around Lubbock.  Highly recommended by me and my family.  He’s a people’s lawyer.  He takes the time to get to know you and helps you.  He goes over and beyond to help” – Former Client who I won a not guilty for after a three day trial.

“He was my lawyer and got my charges dropped” — Former client

“Thank you very much for the time you spent on my case.  I appreciate you!” – Former Client

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